Initial Assessment

An introductory phone consultation is free of charge. If we agree to continue from there, our first meeting will likely last between 75-90 minutes with an aim to understand what brings you to therapy now and some history. Initial assessments cost $175 +HST (Total $197.75)

Scheduled Therapy

These are regularly scheduled weekly appointments, taking place on the same day and at the same time for 50 minutes. The 2023 rate for each appointment is $125 +HST (Total $141.25)

Trauma Psych-Education

Workshops on trauma are available to classes and organizations, either as a single session or as a series. Please get in touch so that we can consider the most suitable logistics.

Low-Cost and No-Cost Hours

I offer some hours each week at low cost or free-of-charge because I believe professional standard therapy should be accessible to all. Please contact me for more details. Additional information on exempting psychotherapy services from GST/HST can be found at 


Three weeks advance notice is required to avoid charge for any missed appointments.

All appointments are currently online or by telephone